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•Custom Embroidery•

Phantasmagoria Graphics
Made in USA

Thanks for stopping by Phantasmagoria Graphics! We provide embroidery digitizing services for your logo or monogram embroidery, or to match your sense of style, existing designs for you on a variety of items such as clothes, accessories, and home décor.  Shopping for ready made embroidery designs, we recommend Urban Threads - Purveyor of Fine Machine & Hand Embroidery Designs.

How to order:

1) If you want custom work, the best way is to simply send an EMAIL with the image, the item you want it on, and instructions detailing your needs. Go to the SHOP for blank items you can have your embroidered graphic applied.

2) We also have a COLLECTION of products of ready made items. Select a image from the gallery that you want and see what products are available in that design.


Here are samples of some company logos made into embroidery:

Urban Threads - Purveyor of Fine Machine & Hand Embroidery Designs.
O' Christmas Geek Embroidery
Save the Yorkies Embroidery
Steve's Sew & Vac Embroidery
Plexus Alliance Embroidery
Legends of Vinyl Embroidery
Horror in Clay
Autism Ribbon
Elite Fitness Embroidery
Monster Mania Embroider


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